Rules for Earning Money – Self Published Author

The Issue with being a self published author is that you need to publish your books yourself. However, you do not wish to become a writer. You need to write books. Well, If You Would likes to Publish of your books, and then you have got to take action yourself. That is why they call it self publishing. The good is after you have completed it, and that it is not hard, it is simple to do it again and again for all of your books. But you do anything do with each book you write if you would like to be a published writer. And these 3 items are so significant that I have called them ‘principles’ because in the event that you violate any of these, you are going to be penalized – with low or no book earnings.

self publishing a book

Write a book that is good enough to send to a writer. By this I mean do not write crap and expect people to get it. Write a book that is so great for you to understand that if it was shipped by you they’d believe it was good that they would offer a massive advance to you. That is how great your book should be. Write an advertising plan that is ten-point out – and take action. If you’d send a copy of your manuscript to a publisher, they would expect it to be accompanied by a list of 10 techniques you want to promote it. Publishers expect writers to do their advertising and you should do it to yourself published books because marketing is vital. It is the difference regarding if your book sells. Have your plan before you write your book that you know who the target subscribers are. Publish print books in addition to digital. It is so simple – and free – to place your book up as a POD print book and eBook using online services like’s Kindle Digital Publishing.

You can install your book to be printed to you at no expense personally, but they have software that is complimentary and will produce a copy of self publishing books. Offering your book for a print edition in addition to an eBook will help to start up this. Things two and one Relate to advertising and public relation think of them as the motorists of visitors to your book. It is awfully difficult to allow an amount of individuals understand that your book exists. Very few writers win awards – but a review from the paper is standard operating procedure to reach subscribers. Items four and three are all about supply. It is all nice and dandy to boost awareness on your book – but when there is nowhere for people making sales hard.